If you want to improve the quality and tone of your skin without having to undergo invasive treatments and surgical procedures, perhaps it’s time to consider 3D Skintech therapy.

A revolution in skincare

3D Skintech treatment is a revolutionary new procedure that has recently been introduced into the non-surgical aesthetic skincare arena. This new skincare technology combines four different skincare procedures in one. These procedures are:

• 3D Microdermabrasion
• 3D Radio Frequency treatment
• 3D Mesotherapy
• 3D LED Phototherapy

The combination of these four state-of-the-art technologies delivers real results. Unlike many other more invasive procedures, 3D Skintech treatment produces significant facial skin rejuvenation without any pain or discomfort.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the four rejuvenation techniques that 3D Skintech combines:

3D Microdermabrasion

The latest 3D Microdermabrasion technology that is now being used involves using an innovative rotating diamond head device. The revolving diamond is used to gently remove a fine layer of skin. An inbuilt vacuum device immediately carries away any removed particles.

Previous methods of Microdermabrasion involved blasting the skin with fine crystals. This runs the risk of tearing the skin or leaving some crystals embedded in your skin. The new 3D Skintech diamond peel process runs no such risk.

3D Radio Frequency

This skin rejuvenation process firms, lifts and tightens facial skin by gently heating the skin with radio waves to break down excess, old collagen. The latest 3rd generation technology used with 3D Skintech treatment is twice as powerful as the old Bipolar RF methodology.

The new procedure uses less energy and treatment durations are shorter, meaning that there is no pain. You will be able to see results from the first treatment.

Until recently, it was thought that the only way to achieve skin rejuvenation was through mesotherapy – a technique that was developed in 1952 by Dr Michel Pistor. It involves injecting enzymes, hormones, plant extracts and vitamins into the skin. It was invasive and caused discomfort.

3D Mesotherapy

A little different, 3D Mesotherapy does not work through injections. It uses the processes of electroporation and electrostimulation – two techniques which are both completely non-invasive and pain-free. This new treatment introduces high concentrations of corrective nutrients, revitalising hormones and minerals to cells at deeper levels that were once difficult to reach.

Its anti-ageing, re-pigmentation, toning and rehydration results are widely heralded in the beauty industry.

3D LED Phototherapy

Finally, 3D LED Phototherapy uses red and blue light produced by Light Emitting Diodes. Red is excellent for treating lines and wrinkles, while the blue is a recognised treatment for acne. This new Phototherapy feeds the fibroblast cells in your skin, which produce collagen and elastin. This stimulation gives your facial skin a fuller, plumper quality.

Depending on the nature of the skincare problem, any one or all of these therapies can be prescribed. To find out more, please call the team at MedSkin today on 0330 113 2640 for your free consultation.

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