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Skin Tag Removal Derby

Skin Tag Removal Derby– Medskin clinic offer a number of Skin tag Removal, Nurse Led Treatment fully insured.

Skin tags and skin tag removal


Skin tags are found on the skin and are unusually harmless, small benign growths which
sometimes can resemble a wart. Many skin tags are attached to the skin with a small stalk,
Skin Tags vary in size but are usually found on the eyelids, armpits, neck, groin folds, under
breasts and on the neck.

We tend to find that we get more skin tags after the age of 50 and women are more prone to
them than men.

Why do I have skin tags?

No one is really sure why some people have skin tags more than others or why they are
formed however its believed they happen when clusters of collagen and blood vessels
become trapped inside thicker pieces of skin as they are common in areas where skin rubs
against the skin, an ideal example of this is in the armpits
Skin tags are not contagious like warts nor will they grow back if you have them removed.

Can I get them removed?

Skin tags can be annoying or you may feel that they appear unpleasant to look at. If this is
the case, at Medskin Clinic we remove them with cryotherapy (freezing) as we find this to be
the best option for our clients. However they can also be removed by cutting or burning them

What will happen if I choose to have cryotherapy to remove my skin tag?
At Medskin Clinic, you will be assessed by one of our nurses, and if suitable to remove, the
nurse will use a pen like device which has N2O (nitrous oxide) canister in. This N2O is what
will freeze the skin tag. The nurse will direct the tip of the device towards the stalk of the skin
tag and direct the flow of N2O to this area.

A few applications may be needed depending on the size of the skin tag, after a while the
skin tag will usually go a darker shade of colour and feel crusty to the touch, a few days later
the tag will fall off. On very large skin tags a second treatment may be needed
The process is relatively painless similar to having a ball point pen pushed into the skin,
some clients may feel a mild stinging sensation after the treatment.

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